by Cat Hair

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(>*6*)> 2014-2015 <(0.0)^



This album is dedicated to my family.
In loving memory of Martha Opal Walsh.


released July 25, 2015

Everything performed, recorded,
mixed, and mastered by Terry Caudill



all rights reserved


Cat Hair Orlando, Florida


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Track Name: Ivory
There's no distance across the bed.
Love me just like that.
When we were kids, I had eyes that fit with you.
Nothing's changed. It's still the same.

When it rains, you're always inside with me.
This house has been a wreck. We keep ourselves busy.
You tried for so long to feel like something sweet.
It's the time to leave it all behind.

You took a look inside my mind.
You feel like you're left behind.
Where's the touch? It doesn't match.
Distant lines make me sad.

I can't decide what's in front of me.
Is it something strange? Is it making fun of me?
I tried for so long to tell myself I'm clean.
You're from heaven. Ivory sent to me.

The bad will never change how I feel.
Track Name: Hot
Pages turn and nothing changed.
I read about your family.
Someone said your head is loose.
It's so hot, my head is too. I'm pushing on.
It's tough cause the road is longer than I thought.
So long.

Take a break lay in the shade. It's a hot day.
What you said makes sense to me.
It's in my sweat it's in my teeth.
The rain it came and went oh man.

It takes a lot to let it go.
Hold it all in so nothing shows.
I told you I loved you over the phone.
It felt like working on my last day home.

I see people looking like they had enough of me around.
I never would've thought this was it.
Track Name: Faith
Lifted like you. The pain is through.
I take a step back to see what's been going on.
I'm fine with this. With you I feel safe inside here.
Nothing's gonna hurt me now.

Balloons appear right behind you.
What I wrote, everything is true.
Remember me if you leave here.

I'm stuck in your room. Where are you?
It will be over soon and I think about how
I should've spent more time with you.
It's soon. The pain is nothing new.
The pain is leaving soon.

You fly like an angel inside my head.
All trust comes from the love you give me.
I miss the hands I would place my faith in.
Track Name: Healing
Loosen up. Untie the knots.
Look into the mirror again.
It comes up like I’m speaking in tongues.
Walk away, looking past the mistakes.
I feel it now. Healing everyday.

I’m not sad. I feel okay.
Dig up the past or lay it to rest.

I woke up. I wanna go back to sleep.
Look away from the sun shining on me.
All my friends, even the best, don’t understand me.
They see a lost ship. Dependent and Ripped.
Lost sight of the view.
In the darkest places you find the truth.
Track Name: Knife
Sometimes I can see how much you really care.
You loosen up your dress. I run my fingers through your hair.
Sometimes I try to say how much I love you.
You know I always come cuz I want U.

Your lips become alive.
Turning our problems into a knife.
Cutting out the bad.
You know it's love that puts up a fight.
Track Name: Medicine
Your face reminds me of a friend I can talk to.
I'm so caught up in a web I'm thinking of you.
You were right. I'm lost.
I think I'm dumb enough to go on like this.
You call me up. You show me some love.

Slapped on your best dress.
You said to me, "What do you think?"
I think you're pretty.
I think you might be too good for me.
You stare at me when I cry.
You love me because you know what it's like.
We both cry when we feel behind.
I want the relief. I want some peace.

I remember all the flowers in your garden.
Every single pedal breathes the life you gave them.
I'm so lost inside your home when you're gone.
Looking at a picture of us having fun.
I smell cigarettes on your pillow.
Hiding in the shadows of a medicine.

Put on a smile. I said to you,
"I feel like my old self." Motivated.
What's left to believe I'm holding up.
Oh no, it's not true. I'm letting go.
It feels good just like I thought.
Track Name: Thinner
Torn in two. Lose the weight.
It makes me sad I can't be me.

Maybe one day I won't be so stressed.
When's the last time I felt in motion.
Forgot to eat again. Now I'm in pain.
Feeling static coming on again.
Slap me with truth. I feel reflective.
Feeling so good. Born again. Innocent.
Sleep for days. Never wanna come back.
Forget who I am and everything I was.

Make sense. It's simple.
It's different if you see what I see.
No control. It hurts to be me everyday.
Everyday, thinner.
Track Name: Whisper
I wanna see the light without going blind.
Take swim up the stream to find out why
one and one, that makes two.
Searching for an answer. Looking for some truth.

Give me something I can hold. Tell me something I believe.
Write my name in the clouds. Turn my money into weed.
Can I get a sign? Whisper to me?
I listened for a voice. Tell me you can see me.

I thought I saw you in the clouds again.
I thought about you and the shape you were in.
When I die, will I see wings on my back
and clouds all around my feet?
Track Name: Flew
Times are tough. Days beat you down.
You're bored with me I can tell.
I fell back in place the day you left.
You smacked my face. This ain't the person I met.

Everything I had with you,
it flew out the window.
I'd bring it back if I could.
That's the way she goes.

You think I'm trapped.
With you, that's not true.
I get inside my head
and feel like a fool.
I'll find myself gone and forgotten.
I find myself off and obvious.

You're feeling blind
like you're living a lie.
I still go back to when you first met me,
when I was lonely.

Everything I had for you,
it flew out the window.
I'd bring it back if I could.
That's the way she goes.